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Meet Josh Becoming Woodcrest

All of my life, I have been fascinated by the way things come together. As a boy, I tinkered with everything. As an Eagle Scout, I learned how to put my tinkering to work in the real world, and I learned a great deal about taking personal responsibility for what I produce.

I have my family to thank for getting me started in this business. When I was about five years old, my grandfather started sharing his wisdom about the way things work with me. Over the years, I tagged along with my grandfather, my father, and uncles on all kinds of jobs, and I have never stopped learning from them.


In all honesty, Josh is one of the best contractors we have come across. He is extremely professional, prompt with responses and thorough, also creative yet practical when presented with unexpected situations during a remodel or build.

— The Davis Family Innkeepers at the Willard Street Inn, Burlington, VT.

Josh's enthusiasm towards his client's projects, and his craft, makes it easy for me to recommend bringing him in on your project.

— Rebecca Rey Rey Design Studio

Josh continues to amaze me with each project he beautifully creates. What a talented and gifted craftsman!

— Mari Richards Homeowner

Josh did an incredible job on our office fit up. He took a previously enclosed space that lacked natural light and made it into one of the nicest spots in our building. He was prompt, professional and worked around our schedule so as to minimize the impact of his work on our team. I highly recommend him!

— Ted Adler Union Street Media

Josh brought creativity and talent to create a unique and beautiful bar area in what used to be a blank wall. Every detail, from the extra deep drawers to the unusual glass shelving and lights, resulted in a gorgeous addition to my home.

— Chrysanne Chotas Homeowner

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